The Mother Bear Project

Over a month ago, we got a message stating that two giant boxes were waiting for us at the post office. The day had finally come and our delivery of almost 100 handmade teddy bears had arrived.


The Mother Bear Project is an organization based in the US that sends teddy bears to young children all over the world. Each bear is unique in its colors, designs, and cuddliness.

Handing Them Out

Back in November 2018, I emailed the Mother Bear project requesting bears for the Junior Primary phase at my school and we received the bear boxes in February.


It was only 20 minutes in the early afternoon, but it changed the whole month for the better. It was a nice surprise for the kids and they all loved the bears. Even a couple months later, I still see them running around clutching their teddy bears.


The kids were also excited to know that these bears were made just for them and that there aren’t any others like them in the whole wide world.


It’s the little things that bring us the most joy.



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