Peace Corps Goal Three

Hello there!

The third and final goal of the Peace Corps is, you guess it, Goal Three. Goal Three of the Peace Corps mission states:

To help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.

So, as mentioned in previous posts, the purpose of the Peace Corps is to serve on projects in a certain sector in order to assist in meeting the needs of a community and to also promote cultural exchange.

Goal Two focuses on exchanging cultures between volunteer and Host Country Nationals (HCNs). Goal Three focuses on the volunteer taking the cultural knowledge they have gained and sharing it with other Americans back home.

The biggest example I can give is this blog and others like it. Blogs and other forms of social media are the quickest way for volunteers to share their experiences with the folks back home. And whether 3 people read/see these posts or 3,000, information travels and the folks back home learn things about cultures they may never have learned without the volunteer sharing that knowledge.

Before I was invited to serve in Namibia, many of my friends and myself didn’t know much about the country besides the fact that it is located in Southern Africa. Unfortunately, some people didn’t even know what Namibia was. So, this experience has been extremely eye-opening for me, and in turn I wanted to share that knowledge with others.

Other forms of Goal Three include phone calls and letters back home, YouTube videos (working on it!), and presentations to groups of people when the volunteer comes home for a visit.

I enjoy Goal Three because it helps me take all of the amazing things I’ve learned and share it with others and I enjoy learning and teaching about other cultures. To me, it’s a way to bring the world a little bit closer together.


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