Peace Corps Goal 2

The second goal of the Peace Corps states:

To help promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the people served.

Part of Peace Corps is to integrate into our communities, learn about different aspects of Namibian culture, and also share some of our culture in return.

So, Goal 2 can range from anything from attending community events like weddings, funerals, festivals, etc, to spending time with HCNs (Host Country Nationals), to teaching others about American holidays and customs like Thanksgiving or sharing recipes.

Recently, my goal 2 activities have included teaching my colleagues about Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July, in terms of American holidays and attending a memorial service of the mother of a colleague who passed away and attending a baby shower for a friend of mine (it was wild and a lot of fun).

Baby Shower

Another Goal 2 activity I engaged in back in December was staying on two different farms and seeing how Namibians farmed agriculture and livestock, which was super interesting considering that we are in the middle of the desert. I spent my days helping with work and exploring the area around the farm and I learned so much.

Peace Corps is more than developing and carrying out various projects. It’s about making connections with people, learning about their cultures, languages, and practices and in turn, sharing a little bit of American culture with them. This is also a really great way to show that America isn’t really like what people see on TV. Because we’re not all Kardashians or people from TLC.


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