Primary vs. Secondary Projects

This is kind of an extension to my previous post about the first goal of the Peace Corps.

Within our communities, regions, and sometimes the entire country, volunteers complete projects. There are two classifications of these projects: Primary projects and Secondary projects.

Primary projects are the main project of the volunteer. My primary project is as an English and Natural Science teacher at my school. Also, some projects I undertake at the school such as assisting in developing the library and reading program fall under the classification of primary project.

National Anthem

Secondary projects are other projects taken on by volunteers. These can relate to the primary project as well. One secondary project I participated in earlier this year was assisting my principal in giving a workshop about early childhood nutrition and development. I am also a member of the committee called Student Friendly Schools which seeks to educate teachers about learning disabilities and how to accommodate those disabilities in addition to providing quality education for all, including orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) and children who come from homes affected by violence. I am also collaborating with another volunteer in a different region on another secondary project (more information to come as it develops!) and am looking to collaborate with other volunteers in southern Namibia on another project later this year!


Workshopping – A small but awesome secondary project!

So, volunteers do a lot! And that, basically, is the difference between primary and secondary projects!!


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