Day of the African Child

June 16th is the Day of the African Child!


The Day of the African Child was initiated by the Organisation of African Unity to honor the Soweto Uprising of 1976.

Since the 16th fell on a Saturday this year, my school had its celebration on Friday. The first half of school was business as usual, although I gave into my learners’ begging and we watched Black Panther (for the second time in a month) instead.

Dance Off

After the break, everyone gathered outside on the large slab of concrete that learners usually use as a miniature soccer field and netball court for the event.


The pre-primary teacher led the assembly. The learners sang the national anthem and other songs. Learners from grade 5-7 recited a poem about being proud to be a child in Africa. The pre-primary children put on an adorable skit about African Children’s Rights. One teacher gave a lesson on the historical significance of the Day of the African Child. There was also a lot of dancing.


I think this day is one of the most important days I have ever celebrated while living in Namibia. My learners inspire me everyday and are one of the biggest reasons as to why I get up everyday to go to school.


During the event, a teacher said that our children – our incredible learners – are the most precious resource in Africa, and he is right. These kids are going to grow up to be future leaders, doctors, police, teachers, and more.


Many have faced so many obstacles in their lives, but they all still persist and come to school every day to learn. Even though it is hard to get them to focus and stop talking, these kids are awesome and I can’t wait to see where they go into the future.


It’s important to continually discuss and improve education as much as we can to give these kids every opportunity in the world.

We must continue to empower these children and show them the world. And one day they’ll take it by storm.

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