This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to assist my principal in leading a workshop on early childhood nutrition and development.


The workshop took place at a local youth foundation that serves the community and is overseen by a German woman. They host several workshops and asked my principal if she would come and present this important topic to parents in the community.

Several young women, and a couple men, showed up for the two hour workshop and she and I took turns in discussing the dietary needs of young children and the importance of cutting out extra sugar from their diets. We also talked about several brain stimulating activities for children.


Some of the activities we mentioned emphasized spending time with the child and supporting emotional and cognitive development including modeling empathy for others, give active attention, listening, and playing games.

At one point in the workshop, I read a poem called “Little Eyes Upon You.” I first heard it the night before I competed in a college scholarship competition, and it has been with me ever since. The poem talks about how, even when we think that little ones are not paying attention, they are. Everything we say and do becomes a part of them, because they want to be just like us. So, we need to make it count.

I had such a good time talking with the parents in the room and discussing different ideas and strategies with them. I am not a parent (nor will I be for a very very long time), but almost everything discussed can be brought back to my classroom.

I had a great time assisting with the workshop and can’t wait for more in the future!


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