Phase Two

Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted an update in over a month. I decided to take a little time away from posting to get adjusted to being at site. We just finished the period known as “Phase 2” which is essentially the period of adjustment we have between arriving at site and our Reconnect conference, where we start finalizing our plans for our first year of teaching.

I’m still getting used to living on my own at site, although I live at the school hostel so I’m never truly alone. Learners are around from Sunday night to Friday afternoon and there are a couple of other teachers and the principal that live there as well. I’ve already cooked for myself more times than I did in college and I’m pretty impressed with myself. Granted, sometimes it’s too hot to eat more than an orange or apple, but I’m making it!


I’ve also had a lot more free time than I’ve ever had before, so it’s been hard to find things to do besides working, reading, and watching half of the movies and TV shows I have on my hard drive (I’ve read/listened to around 14 books since arriving at site and I’ve currently been binge watching “How To Get Away With Murder”). I’ve also been exercising a lot (save for a couple of weeks when I got really sick), mostly from workout videos and guided yoga sessions also from my drive.


Actually exercising

Even though I really don’t know what to do with all of my time, I should savor it while I can since I know I won’t have nearly as much when I start teaching. So far, I’m set to teach English and NSHE (Natural Science and Health Education) for Grades 6 and 7, possibly 5, but that could change at any time.


Cleaning the library!

The first project I’ve started to work on is the school library. Peace Corps encourages new education volunteers not to really take on secondary projects during their first year, but a fully functional and working library would be an integral part of the school and the teaching experience. When I arrived, there were books all over the floor and it was incredibly dusty. The learners helped me clean up the piles and get everything off of the floor. I still have a very long way to go before we have a functioning library space, but it will be worth it!


Pre-primary graduation!


Junior and Senior Primary awards

Now, I have most of December ahead of me for vacation, but also for planning. I have to create schemes of work (which is a plan for the year broken down on a week-by-week basis) and begin individual lesson plans for each of my classes, which will take some time but make everything easier in the long run. And, I’ve got some exciting things planned!


I’m doing just fine!


One response to “Phase Two

  1. Sounds like you have adjusted very well and love seeing all the pics! Sending an article I found in Smithsonian Magazine about a young black girl who started a foundation to get books about black girls to black girls. This might work for the library. Have a wonderful time and keep us posted! Love, Gma and Gpa


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