Site Placement!

After almost nine weeks of “It depends” and “You’ll know more once you know where you’re going”, we finally know where in Namibia we will all be living for the next two years!!

Drumroll please!

I will be living in a large village (very very small town) in the Hardap region of Namibia!

So I guess it’s not quite true that you can take the southern girl out of the south!


Hardap region in red!!

What I know so far is that I will be at a primary school and will be living in a little flat on the school grounds. The village itself does not have a lot, although it does have an award-winning business park and a swimming pool, which will come in handy during the hot summers!

I have a shopping town where another volunteer just got placed and my closest volunteer is only 60km away from me! Another added bonus is that it’s the hometown of one of my language trainers and she will be coming back there to live for a little while, so it will be a big help to my integration into the community.

I am so excited to be placed here and am even more excited to see what the next two years has in store for me!


One response to “Site Placement!

  1. Namibia came up in conversation today in a class I am teaching at Duke, and it reminded me to check out your blog. Great placement! I am excited for you and hope that you’re having a great time! Love from Les & Brooks!


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