CBT: Week Three

The third and final week of CBT went by way too quickly for my liking. It was our week of solo teaching, and our week of goodbyes.

Solo Teaching

Solo teaching Grade 7

The solo teaching went better than I had expected, but I learned a lot and still have a ways to go as far as my classroom management is concerned.

I taught five classes since we only had three days of teaching. That Thursday was International Teachers Day and was a public holiday for Namibian schools.

This week solidified how much I enjoy teaching, and helped me realize that I actually enjoy teaching Primary School a lot more than I thought I did. I have only had experience working with high schoolers and never thought I would do a good job with younger kids. But, CBT proved me wrong!


Cakes made for us by Miriam’s host mom!

On the last couple of days, we had a few “goodbye” events that the teachers from both the primary and secondary schools did for us. We had cake, and a small dinner party where we said a formal goodbye to our colleagues (and even danced a little bit).


Dancing at our goodbye party at school!


Getrude, Miriam, and I waiting for the party to start!

On our final day, my host mama comes into my room after letting me sleep in a couple of hours and told me that today was my day to do the chores: sweep the house, clean my room, do my laundry, and cook lunch. This was because she wanted to give me experience in running my own house once I get to my site. I was really appreciative of it. And while I was working, she was sewing me a dress to wear to the braai we threw that night.


The dress Mamas made for me!


Miriam got a more traditional Damara dress made!

The five of us and our host families gathered in my backyard for a braai, which was incredibly delicious. It made me appreciate my wonderful family and the community of Okombahe even more.


My lovely mother from Okombahe!

We left that Friday morning. I refrained from crying, even though I really wanted to. I am so grateful for my time at CBT and will miss everyone so much!


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