One Month in the Peace Corps: 10 Things I’ve Learned

It’s hard to believe that I have officially been in Namibia for one month! So much has happened between our plane touching down in Windhoek on August 16 and now, yet time has flown by!

The end of our first month also signifies the end of the first part of PST and the transition to CBT, when I will be moving to a smaller village community for three weeks in order to actually observe Namibian classrooms and really work on improving my language skills.

I have learned so much in such a short amount of time here. So, here are 10 of the things I have learned so far after one month of Peace Corps Namibia:

  1. You can truly sleep anywhere and through anything if you are tired enough
  2. Spiders can actually be your friends
  3. Greet practically everyone you pass, with words not just a smile!
  4. “A meal is not a meal without carbs and meat”
  5. “Hiking” doesn’t just mean climbing up mountains
  6. Gas isn’t always gas…flatulence can be deceiving…oh, alright: Never trust a fart (this may seem gross, but stomach issues are just a fact of life).
  7. Call the PCMO (Peace Corps Medical Officer)
  8. Trying new things can be fun and can lead to new favorites (just not in the case of Mopani worms or goat intestines)
  9. Buy the neck pillow; it’s so worth it.
  10. Be open and don’t be afraid of asking questions! We are always learning and our greatest resource is each other.

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