I made it to staging


Happy Monday, everyone!

I finally finished my packing, cut my hair, and loaded everything into the car (with a lot of help from my wonderful parents). After a swift flight from Raleigh to Philadelphia, I have officially begun my Peace Corps journey and am now considered a trainee.

Airport with the family

Poor Mom was fighting back tears!

Last night was registration and a few logistical announcements that we needed to get out of the way before we could begin our official staging and orientation, which is today.

We began our “brief logistics meeting” with an ice breaker of everyone standing in a circle. We had to say our names, where we are from, and an interesting item we brought with us. I definitely didn’t get the chance to learn all of the names because there are 47 of us. Our group is huge!

I had difficulty picking which item I was going to mention because I felt like I’ve brought a few interesting things like my Ravenclaw scarf, my “R” sweater (the sweater Ron’s mum made him in the first Harry Potter” and my little llama from Chile that I have brought with me everywhere.

I ended up mentioning that I had brought along my ukulele, which is currently strapped carefully to the side of my little backpack. Another volunteer brought along his electric violin so plans on starting a band are already in the works.

Staging today consisted of icebreaker activities, review of procedure, and review of core expectations and reasons why we are committing to service.

Everything for the next 48-72 hours is about to be a total whirlwind. I may not be posting for a while, but I want everyone to know that I am happy and will be safe!


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