It’s Been a While

photo by Walter Lyle Photography

photo by Walter Lyle Photography

Hello! Long time no post!

It has been over a month since I last wrote a post for this blog, but I’m not giving up on it, I just needed to take a little break in order to get everything else together in my life. After I got back from Cuba, I had almost three weeks a home to relax and prepare for this coming year, which is going to be a busy one. I tried starting to write posts a couple of times but I didn’t feel like I had enough to say.

I have been at school for three weeks now and have been so busy that whenever I do have down time, I’ve been using it to exercise and sleep. Stress has been setting in, but not too much. I’ve always felt that a little stress is good. But being so busy means that I haven’t had any time to write or at least post an update. And the writing is more for me than for anyone else, people just happen to read it.

So here’s an update on what I’ve been doing and why I haven’t written in a while!!

The first week I was at school was dedicated to recruitment workshop during which the sorority prepares for recruitment which is at the end of this month. I am in charge of doing all of our videos – mainly the one presented during one of the rounds and the one that goes up on YouTube. I’m extremely proud of both.

Here is the one that went online!

I have also been doing video work for a couple of other projects that I can’t talk about yet but am really excited for.

The second thing that has been keeping me so busy is something that I am extremely proud of. Myself, along with a few other students, have started a new organization at Ole Miss called Rebels Against Sexual Assault (RASA) which aims to raise awareness about the issue of sexual assault on campus and provide resources, education, and prevention methods to students. I am so excited that this organization has hit the ground running and has gotten as popular as it has in such a short amount of time. It is an issue that is so important to me and to everyone else involved and I am looking forward to seeing it grow.

Classes started two weeks ago and they aren’t bad as far as coursework goes yet, but I’m sure they will be picking up very soon.

But there you have it, a quick post explaining why I’ve been so absent lately. But, I plan on writing at least one post a week in order to keep to a schedule and to improve upon my writing. It’s a nice break from real life.


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